Project Management

Cobalt value doesn’t end with simply providing equipment. We have built a professional team of managers, logistics specialists and maintenance personnel to ensure that our customer needs can be met, with Cobalt’s quality, in one source. Clean, efficient and well-run accommodation facilities are vital to the success of your wider operation. We organize and manage every single aspect of camp life, so you can concentrate on the all-important revenue-generating activity.

We have provided Project Management Services for companies and organizations such as: Constructions Companies, Oil Companies, Military, FEMA, Homeland Security, State and Local Agencies, Solar Companies, Telecommunication Companies and Environmental Companies to name a few.

What we can provide for your Project Management Needs:

  • Facilities Management
  • Site Layouts
  • Site Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Parts Management
  • IT Technical Support
  • Camp Administration
  • Safety Awareness

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