Disaster Relief

Whenever groups of people need to be relocated or are temporarily displaced, there is the need for base camp support facilities to sustain them. These relocations or displacements can be due to natural disasters, civil disruptions, migrant populations, mass gatherings, or military maneuvers. For any of these reasons, displaced populations require at minimum the need for shelter from the elements, basic sustenance, potable drinking water, and sanitary facilities. In addition, facilities may also be required to fulfill the needs of law enforcement, fire protection, medical, educational, and administrative services. Depending upon the type, location, and duration of the relocation or displacement, it is possible that everything normally associated with a civic inventory may need to be provided.

Typical requirements may last anywhere from a weekend to a year. With a large inventory of strategically staged assets, in-house transportation capabilities, and proven experience we stand ready to respond.

We have been providing solutions for Disaster Relief for companies and organizations such as; Cal Fire, Forest Service, Police Departments, Military, FEMA, State and Local Agencies and the Office of Emergency Services.

What we can provide for your Disaster Relief Needs:

  • Generators
  • Power Distribution
  • HVAC
  • Light Towers
  • Mobile GIS Mapping Lab
  • Office Trailers
  • Clerical Trailers
  • Satellite Communication
  • Mobile Kitchen and Food Services
  • Mobile Showers
  • Mobile Laundry
  • Mobile Sinks
  • Hand Wash Stations
  • Plus additional services listed on the Workforce Housing Section

Events and Incidents Supported

  • Hurricane Katrina – FEMA
  • Hurricane Rita – FEMA
  • Hurricane Wilma – FEMA
  • Weather Event – T-Mobile, Washington
  • Pasadena Command – DoD
  • Urban Shield – Alameda County Sheriff
  • Napa Earthquake – PG&E
  • Wragg Fire – Cal Fire
  • Humboldt Complex Fire – Cal Fire
  • Walker Fire – Cal Fire
  • Horse Fire – Cal Fire
  • Rough Fire – Cal Fire
  • Avery Complex Fire – USDA Forest
  • Service
  • Napa Earthquake – PG&E
  • Hurricane Ike – FEMA, T-Mobile & Time
  • Warner
  • Inauguration – 44th US President Barack Obama
  • Santa Clara County – Phone Outage
  • Garrido Investigation – FBI, City of Hayward & Dublin
  • H1N1 Clinics – Alameda & Marin County’s
  • Fort Irwin Military Training – Government
  • Gulf Oil Spill – BP
  • San Bruno Gas Explosion – PG&E
  • Department of Navy – Twenty Nine Palms
  • Alabama Flood Support – State of Alabama
  • Rim Fire – USDA Forest Service
  • SOC Nevada Military Training – US Army
  • SPSG Work Force Housing Operations
  • Woolsey Fire – Cal Fire
  • Kincade Fire – Cal Fire
  • Valley Fire – Cal Fire
  • Covid Response – California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Drive Through Testing and Vaccinations – Alameda County Public Health, LaFamilia Counseling Services, City Health Urgent Care

Testing and Vaccination Sites

Cobalt Equipment, Inc. is contracted with 18 State Prisons across California. Due to the nature of this pandemic these “mini cities” must be setup quickly and at a moment’s notice. The contract includes setting up and maintaining: sleeping facilities, HVAC, Temporary Power, Showers, Restrooms, and Hand wash.

Cobalt Equipment also responded to requests to setup Covid Testing Sites and Vaccination Centers for various Public Health Departments and medical services. Services provided were: Tents, Office Containers, Restrooms, Generators, Light Towers, Drive Through Structures

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